Play to your strengths

We all have natural strengths and areas where we are not so strong. Life and our career path in real estate is far better when we are leveraging our strengths rather than fighting against our weakness. This appears to be obvious. However, I meet many agents every week that are doing just that and can’t figure out why they can break through to their goals and/or find any sense of contentment. There are many ways to be successful in real estate and yet every coach or guru will tell the flock that theirs is the best way. I know this first hand as I was in the Mike Ferry coaching program for years and truly believed that our way was THE way. I learned that once the initial build out process and learning curve passed,  I am not really suited to phone prospecting long term. I can just hear what my coaches reaction to that statement would be…”that’s an excuse…you need to challenge yourself and get outside your comfort zone” maybe…but maybe not. If the Mike Ferry program truly did suite me and fit well with my strengths then I think the coaches comments would be appropriate. If, however, the program is fundamentally disconnected with my strengths then I should look for another path.

If we look at virtually all brokerages or sales programs in our industry there are a small percentage of agents that are succeeding, a  slightly larger group that is doing ok (but feeling like they should be doing better), and a large, usually the majority, group that is failing to get traction. I contend this occurs because the promoted programs happen to fit the strengths of some individuals very well, moderately well and not at all for the respective groups. Our industry seems to simply accept this as the way thing are. That the driven smart hard working agents will do well and the other should simply work harder/smarter and emulate the successful agents activities. This formula plays out every day and results in a typical brokerage where the “all stars” are put up on a pedestal and others are encouraged to be like them. What if the way is not suited to your strengths?

Every interview at M begins with a strengths assessment where we look closely at your past success and find the conversations and activities that are proven to create new client relationships for you. It is from this base that your program is constructed. We support each agent in adopting the right technology pieces that support their conversations. Regardless of the program that ultimately emerges there are common technology  platform of Homequest, Agent websites, email newsletters, listing marketing package etc. M is in the unique position to support our agents technology platform because we own and develop the components in house. We take care to support your adoption of technology that supports your strengths in a way that does not get in the way of your existing successful programs.

Trying to be someone you are not and working outside your strengths and talents produces short term gains at best and frustrating failure at worst. Building a practice on your strengths and talents is the key to long term success and growth with the added benefit of actually enjoying the process which of course feeds more success.

At M you will be happy and successful by leveraging your strengths in an environment that encourages and supports you as an individual.






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